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[RP Log] Librarian

Characters: OPN!Master Chief | John ([personal profile] one_one_se7en), AU!Cortana ([personal profile] lightandreason), Guardian Mist ([personal profile] datastreams), OPN!Mizuno Ami | Mercury ([personal profile] waterfell).
Where: Requiem, Librarian's chamber, UNSC Infinity.
When: Some time after Mercury's arrival.
Summary: After Mercury's arrival, the UNSC Infinity is now under the objective to flee from the gravity well. However, the wife of the Didact awaits with a gift, and a warning: He is leaving Requiem.
Warnings: Violence, Blood. PG-13.

The Grunts and Jackals panicked after their leader's head disappeared. They let out screams in their alien language as they tried to reorganize, telling the stupid jackals to pick their beam rifles to aim before they were torn apart by a 14.5x114mm round. The Promethean Knights, guiders of their faith, are the ones that attempt to teleport around to try to spot the assailants -- before being shot and dissolving in a mist of light.

None of the group present knows what to do, or where to hide, as another round outright destroys another body.


Over a mile away, comfortably tucked above a plateau, there is a seven feet tall Spartan laying prone beside his companion, staring at the position below with a pair of binoculars. In spite of carrying another sniper rifle beside the one wielded by the tiny blue girl, he is instead calmly observing and guiding her along, more like a father bringing out his daughter to hunt ducks.

"Focus your breath. Take notice of gravity and wind. Soften your pulse."
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What a lot of people don't realize, is how much the job of a sniper depends on physics. It's not about aiming and shooting; it's about calculating all the conflicting and varied factors to get that aim right with ever-changing variables.

Ami can do physics and immediate calculations. She doesn't even need to refer to any printed chart, as many trained snipers do. Obediently, Mercury lets John's steady voice calm her. Once she is totally still, she makes a last-second adjustment before she fires.

Her lips pull upward before he even has the chance to confirm the result. She has no pity for this enemy, any more than she would if it really had been nothing more than a hunting trip.
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She's quiet at first while she sets up her next shot. It doesn't take much imagination to guess the topic of conversation down below, and to decide it's a conversation best cut short.

Mercury finds the exercise strangely soothing. She can lose herself in the calculations, and feel the grim pleasure of her results. And it's a way to spend time with John. When she's ready, she shoots.

Only then does she answer her companion. "I'm just learning quickly." After all, no need to teach her a steady hand and steady head. She'd come from a good starting point.
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"I'm sorry..." Her answer comes with a delay she regrets. The information finally appears in John's screen to his side. "Here are they. There are still some targets below. Take them all out before the wind gets stronger."

Her instructions are laid out in a more forlorn manner, as if she had been tired.

Whatever was done to keep her active, Cortana realized, could perhaps only be temporary. Smart A.I. weren't simply able to 'get over' rampancy. Personality matrices fragmented, and more power was needed for all of these new hers.

She had been struggling to contain her sadness. Seeing this, she is realizing that John moved on for all of the five years without her.
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Cortana's slowing down. A part of Mercury's mind notes it - and then notes something about that expression, something about a look she knows has been on her own face far too often in her younger days. It's the look she used to wear looking at Usagi: wanting to be with someone, and knowing so absolutely that there were so many other people instead, so many that your absence would never even be noticed.

The sneaking feeling of understanding makes her irritable, and almost grudgingly sympathetic, at once. She settles for the irritation. In the end, she nods instead of saying anything; she neither snaps at Cortana as a part of her would like to, nor draws attention by offering any hypocritical words.

If the wind if rising, she'd better hurry. She's done well so far, but she doesn't trust herself with conditions much more chaotic than this. A bit quicker this time, she finds her aim, and shoots. She repeats the feat several times in quicker succession this time, and if one of the targets needs a second shot... well, he still goes down.
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Mercury's smile is accomplishment, not gratitude; she's pleased with herself for her success. She's also aware they have little time to celebrate it; this is not a hunting expedition, but their way forward for this battle. Quickly, she's ready to move.

"Let's go," she keeps her voice low, as if they might be heard even a mile off, even with no ears left down there to hear them.

She's more interested than she's letting on. This is a glimpse of something left behind by a prior race - something she knows all too well. A vanished civilization. She wants to see what's been left behind.
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"There should be a way to remotely sabotage the guns from inside the structure. If there is, I think there should be a way to get them to shoot at eachother... Just be careful. I think radio's going to cut off the moment you two get inside."

She remains as the expert in Forerunner technology, even with the changes and improvements John had now. While she had that power, she vowed to make it count.

Cortana marks the nav points for the Master Chief and for Mercury to take, until they reach the structure.
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Suspicious by nature, Mercury finds it very difficult to believe they're being shown in by obliging sentinels. She notes John seems to agree quick enough when her sword is in her hand just as his weapon lifts. More likely, this is a trap.

Well, that's fine. Sharp eyes and ready hands should still get them out of the trap - and right now, this is still where they need to go. Onward, then. She shows no fear, and goes forward, alert.

She can't fail to notice the similar architecture, much as the Grecian temples and palaces of old, and even the ancient Earth Palace, strongly resemble the Silver Millennium's styles. There had been nothing better to emulate.
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"Mist. Keep your guard of him. I'm going in."

Cortana gives her a brief warning. She knew something was going to happen, but not knowing was what bothered her the most. The Captain Del Rio thought they would have to do without scouts -without intel!- in their rush to leave the planet. All this was doing was forcing the four of them to correct his mistakes! Endangering the lives of others...

No. She had to focus.

When she enters the console, the sights and sensors of the weapons come within her senses. With everything she learned back at the Halo rings, this would almost be no problem. While she cannot lock on the targets, she can disable the FOF sensors on the machine, blind the current programs protecting the machine from friendly fire, and calculate a trajectory for all of the canons into their own following positions within the Shield world.

Mercury and John would be able to hear rumbling from outside of the installation. Her plan worked.

"Done. Let's get out of here and..."

Another A.I. It moves in through her systems without effort. It's not like the one of High Charity, but strong. It moves too fast. She entered her systems. She had to get out of here.

"Chief, someone's here--"

Her avatar vanishes.
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"There was another AI here. I've already begun tracking their signal," Mist answered. There was an almost palpable sense of hesitation, so brief it might have been imaginary.

"You know they expect you to follow her." It was a warning. What happened to Cortana, in Mist's view, was a pretty transparent trap. "Keep your guard up."

They were words that probably weren't needed by the Spartan and the senshi; but the advice was given anyway.
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That willingness to lower his weapon earns John a quick look, and Mercury tightens her grip around the hilt of her sword. Nothing on the radars doesn't mean nothing there. She knows that all too well. He knows that all too well.

"The energy reading inside here is extremely high," Mist warns. The edge to her voice says much more than the words themselves. She is nervous. The readings are abnormal, then.

For a second, Mercury considers calling John off, blocking his progress, telling him to stop. But even to her, the way forward is, well, forward. She's drawn, more by curiosity than by whatever innate force impels her comrade, though her eyes move quickly, already searching for any tiny thing out of place that might give a clue to the truth behind this 'welcome'.

There is obviously no more pretense of their own secrecy. Finally, she speaks out, steeling herself to keep her voice clear and firm. "Who's there?"
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The words, the benign presence, it all calls up something in the very back of Mercury’s mind. She has a sense of something like a half-remembered dream. She almost knows what it is, almost remembers the form of a queen stored in the computer systems as a safeguard against what, none of them knew until those final moments…

A queen she’s turned against. One who betrayed her loyalty, and so forfeited it. The similarities between the two personages make Mercury guarded, where the same warmth makes John welcomed. She shifts her posture, and her weapon is still at hand, though she makes no threat with it yet.

No threat, but she does not bow even to this Forerunner; she stands tall and proud at her full height. She presents her sword formally, “The soldier of Water and Intellect,” she announces herself to the Librarian, “Mercury.”

This does not go unsupported by Mist, a perfect miniature duplicate of her mistress as she hovers in the air and announces her further titles. “She is the soldier of the Water Planet,” Mist affirms, “but furthermore, she is the royal heiress to the Mercury Kingdom.”

In a world where humans still thrived on Earth, Mercury, too, must be known. Right now, in battle dress with her royal sigil hidden beneath the gem of the soldier’s tiara, the styled princess looks more ready than regal; but there is a certain innate poise that gives credence to the titles.
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"I'm not here to help humans ascend," the Senshi tells the Librarian plainly, naming them as though she sees herself as separate from them. Perhaps once, long ago, she had believed all that rhetoric about supporting humanity's growth and guiding their evolution and development, bringing them to what they should be. It had ended in suspicion, mistrust, and war. It had ended by the very hand of the one who was supposed to be destined to protect it. Ideals do poorly in that type of soil. So now, if she is offering aid at all, it's for the sake of the man standing beside her. And it's a very different, harder, type of help. "We're in the middle of a battle."

It would still be easy to lose herself in investigating all the implications of this parallel evolution, and for a moment, she has a keen understanding of the Librarian's interest. It softens her only enough to relax her posture. She almost, almost thinks of suggesting that she might return, for both of them to discuss this, to share their worlds with each other, to have the deep, unfathomable pleasure of conversation with someone who understands that same drive and impulse, to breathe in the possibilities of what might be...

She shuts her mind to that. If it happens, it will be later; here and now, she is still not entirely at her ease. "You led us here for a reason," the senshi prompts the Librarian. "What do you want?"
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This is not the time for pity, but the sight cannot fail to unnerve even Mercury. It shows in the tension of her shoulders, the way her hand grips itself tighter. She may have refused to be their benefactress, but the humans in this simulation are no enemy of hers; she finds she dislikes the sudden, abrupt, wanton destruction unleashed among them.

She is not so silent as the man beside her, not so accepting. She listens as sharply as she speaks, and she already imagines this artifact in other hands.

"The Composer should also be destroyed," she says simply. Her advice would be different if this world were her own, and if she could have the opportunity to examine and study it herself. But if that cannot happen, she has no intention of seeing it with someone else.

Of course, this sends them precisely where the Librarian wants them to go anyway. "Tell us where this ship is located, and about its defenses."
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Even in death, she continues to meddle.


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