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[RP Log] Didact

Characters: OPN!Master Chief | John ([personal profile] one_one_se7en), AU!Cortana ([personal profile] lightandreason), Guardian Mist ([personal profile] datastreams), Ur-Didact ([personal profile] magistermilitum).
Where: Forerunner world core.
When: After destroying their ship.
Summary: When the UNSC seeks for a supposed transmitter, they immediately realize the reason behind the defenses: A sleeping god.
Warnings: Violence, Blood. PG-13.

The Master Chief crossed through another portal, and walked through a hall covered in rock and Forerunner arcs made of an unknown material. He knew the Forerunner were capable of using teleportation, but he never saw anything like that network inside of the rings.

Less so of the machines.

Cortana and Mist called them “Promethean Knights”, and possessed a mimetic nature, behaving more as if they had been true warriors instead of the pin-point precise sterilization machines of the Sentinels. What continued to puzzle him were the skulls they carried beneath their armor... it looked human. He knew of the link between the Forerunner and humanity, but... what did it mean? Why were they locked in this world and not in the Halo rings?

Finally, he reaches a platform almost hanging miles atop the surface, in the center of the world. To his side, he could see the spheres from where the beams sent energy to the other parts of the Shield World. With how Mist and Cortana directed him towards here, there had to be a way to stop them.
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“Good. We're here.” Cortana performed a brief calculation of energy and radio signatures. “These beams are what's causing the interference in communications that even the Covenant are going through. Even if we take one of their cruisers and fly towards them, there's kind of a risk of being shot down if we don't identify.”

She set a nav point over one of the portals.

“We go through here and...” The visor looked up to notice the beam on the left died down. The one on the right followed. “Huh.”

Then, came a radio signal.

“--Lieutenant Sarah Palmer, of the UNSC Infinity. Anyone copy, over?”
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It wasn't a perfectly clear transmission, not under these circumstances. But Mist found some success in sharpening the signal and quickly prepared to receive the rest. She nodded at John after just a second - enough for her to be ready.
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She doesn't like seeing more of the enemy arrive. It will make things difficult, both for her and the Master Chief. She already knows John will accept this request - this 'favor'. Her place is to figure out how to do it without sidetracking from their own purpose for too long, and as safely as possible in the admittedly already-unsafe circumstances.

Besides, whatever those Covenant forces want... it's a pretty safe bet she and John and Cortana don't want.

"We should avoid sacrificing our advantage," she prompts quietly. While the enemy is busy, while they're still being relatively ignored, is the best time for action.
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Right. Between those two pieces of information, she doesn't even need to calculate possibilities. It's all too painfully obvious how the Covenant intend to use their prisoners. Which means her task is to work with Cortana to settle things with the teleportation network. To arrive in time, they have to bend it to their needs.

She goes for the terminal almost before the reply transmission is finished. It should be easy, she decides with the arrogance of skill as she takes stock of her task. With the two of them, it should be so easy as to be negligible.
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Cortana sends a ping to John to move her to the same terminal as soon as her processes come to understand Mist's plans. She passes over several programs and procedures on Forerunner mechanisms, back during the Halo rings and on the Ark.

And of her experience with the presence that fought inside of High Charity.... It called itself 'Mendicant Bias'. Only the Gravemind had been stronger.

More slipspace radiation. The ships are moving in. There are reports of a fight. She aids Mist in immediately creating a portal.

"We're running out of time."
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It's not a promising sight; Mist recognizes that immediately, too.

"Is that what they wanted prisoners for?" If they're hoping to activate that... Right. They can decide how to deal with that later. If they rescue those prisoners, there won't be any question of doing anything with that sphere right now.

It's not time to freeze.
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"Chief. Soldiers. Covenant."

She tries speaking to get him to react, then suddenly--

A rush of adrenaline. Time slows down. Cortana and Mist don't process so much the reaction of his body to the memory but the images.

The mechanical soldiers waking up, the symbol in the pillars, the opening sphere, a corrupted Mercury venturing from inside of it--
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Good - that order from the Covenant means they need live humans to activate whatever they're hoping will finish breaking this seal. That buys them time, and a desperate last resort: Mist, at least, is not above killing the humans if they can't be rescued, if it prevents something so much more terrible.


For the time being, she analyzes the battle in front of them - the positions of various combatants, the likelihood of chase or whether those other fights will keep their foes busy. She marks a nav point to highlight the quickest path she finds.
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Mist is still thinking of the prisoners. Not even a senshi teleport requires the numbers they've gathered here. Why are the Covenant forces keeping this whole squad prisoner - instead of ridding themselves of extras? Do they have something else in mind, once they succeed at this if they can?

If she were in their position, and there were extra prisoners as insurance, she'd split them up now that there was trouble. That way, if the Spartan and his companions managed to rescue one group, there would still be a chance of completing the actual plan. She keeps a sharp watch for signs the Covenant may be doing the same thing.

At least the orders are also keeping the prisoners unharmed - for now. That buys them time, too.

She marks a clearer path with less obstacles as soon as she notes John becoming irritated by them with the urgency of their mission.
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John had more about to be put on his mind. Mist interrupted, little more than a voice in his ear. At first, she was half speaking to herself: That's too fast.

She explained quickly enough. "You'll want to know this. The radiation level here just leapt from 50 microsievert to 10,000 - sharply. This isn't a kind of radiation I'm familiar with, either."

Her voice sounded, almost, puzzled as she tried to find a word to put her finger on the difference. "More refined," she finally decided.
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The entire atrium is filled with silence. A massive figure three meters tall descends from the sphere as layers of smooth metal give way for the being, from the orange light that the prison held him in for one hundred thousand years.

It doesn't even stagger when it stands up to full height. He extends his arms as plates of armor, one by one, slowly move up to cover him, sentient armor just as much of a part of his being rather than inert body armor.

His face comes in view. A grotesque, almost monster-like creature.

You have come at last.

One by one, the alien Covenant kneel, in the presence of a living god. Among them, a word is muttered in deep reverence. The being of their holiest texts.


The Master Chief unconsciously ventures his head out of cover... staring at the massive figure. It looked so much like the person he saw of that dream long ago, of the one that fired the rings, but at the same time different. Too different. Balding. More beast-like in appearance than sentient.


It can't be. The Didact?
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That takes some of the pressure off, and that's what worries her. The fleeing soldiers aren't even given a second glance. Instead, as they scurry to safety (and let John take the brunt of the danger, she doesn't fail to notice with scorn, even if it had been John's own order), not a single being moves to hunt them down. Not now.

So the Didact was their only goal here. If she were human, there'd be a prickle down the back of her neck, maybe, or some other sign of that vague feeling of something still to come. Waiting for the other shoe to drop, that's what they called that sense, wasn't it?

Then she realizes what it is.

"Master Chief," she resorts to his rank. "He has your location." The one he's focused on, the one he's interested in, the one who still matters on this battlefield, as always... is John.
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The figure's face is grotesque. Either the result of the years it spent in isolation and away from sunlight, or from something corrupting his body. Its fangs and yellow eyes turned more visible before the Spartan stops in front of the Didact.

Mutations. Combat skin. Ancillas. Warships crafted with the might that should only belong to us. You use that might to fight against these beasts... and yet you have failed to tame them.

The Covenant almost cower when they are referred as beasts, but not insulted. Instead afraid.

Whatever the Librarian wanted for you and your kind... she has failed. My world, and my guardians, ripped away from me in my efforts to safeguard the galaxy from the sickness and the violence of your race! But now... Your ascendance may yet be prevented.

A scowl forms. His Warrior-Servants move into action, ignoring the kneeling beasts.

A helmet assembles around his head, multiple parts joining together into the face that had once struck fear among many humans. The might of the Forerunner military.

We have returned, Reclaimer. This tomb... is now yours.

He hurls the Spartan like a ragdoll against the wall... and returns to his Cryptum.

It assembles, once again, taking him in -- but no longer as his prison, but instead as his vessel to command. A slipspace rupture begins to form.
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Mist takes Cortana's advice without being told twice. It's an advantage if the Didact doesn't know everything they have at their disposal.

The rhetoric is familiar. It's an old, old, story, really, as old as Prometheus: the gods, comfortable in their superiority, furious when mankind begins to take steps to reach them - to scale into the Heavens by means of Mount Olympus, or the Tower of Babel. The gods have often failed to appreciate rivals.

Mist quickly loses interest. She's already calculating new escape routes, with the vessels and vehicles that should be available now, when the Didact simply leaves. That draws her attention sharply back. She can't imagine he'd leave the one person he seemed to be concerned with alone... unless he wasn't quite ready for whatever his true goal is.

They're not going to find it here.

"So we have time to prepare for meeting him again." She marks the path to one of the close-by vehicles, with slightly less urgency but still all efficiency.
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"Hopefully with more firepower!" She urgently marks remaining threats -Covenant and Prometheans- that remain. But even then they begin to run as they notice everything around them shaking. While the Covenant urgently order for their ships to be retaken, the legion of Knights simply teleport away.

She had a delay, her avatar flashes red in worry when she just notices it.

"Chief, slipspace rupture! Move! get to one of the vehicles!"

The ground violently shook. The Cryptum flashed white.
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Mist has another answer. It's not one any of them will likely appreciate.

"It's going to collapse." Though she doesn't seem panicked, there's a certain finality to the words. She has information and data about disasters on this level before: the shattering of a planet in an apocalypse, the collapse of a dimension no longer needed. She knows the situation is grave.

This prediction is imminent. "The core of the planet has become unstable since the cryptum opened and was removed."

She feels she should have seen that possibility, noticed the signs sooner; though perhaps that wouldn't have changed this outcome. She doesn't, quite, tell John what to do but she is very clear about her advice: "We should leave now."

Their best move now is to escape to regroup and plan their next strategy. There may be nothing they can do here.
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